Oversize Cargo Transportation


oversize8Transportation of oversized cargo requires expertise and the right equipments to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination without damage. At ACE Middle East, we are fully equipped and experienced to handle the most challenging of cargo transportation efficiently and safely. We offer the most optimal, safest and economical solution for transportation of oversized cargo from origin to destination. Our fleet consists of containers, trailers, flat racks, flat beds, in short all the specialized equipment needed to move cargo of any dimension. You can depend on ACE Middle East to ensure that your oversized cargo gets to where it needs to be in the fastest time possible safely and on time.


  • Customized transport solutions depending on client requirements
  • Compliance with international safety standards during transportation of cargo
  • Preparation of necessary permits for transit countries
  • Diverse range of specialized fleet equipped with GPS and driven by experienced drivers
  • Timely delivery of cargo