International Trucking

Our advanced fleet is the driving force of ACE Middle East, providing dependable freight service throughout the GCC,and beyond to MENA, Iraq, and Jordan.

The high capacity and variety of carriers ensures clients of dedicated and customized service, rapidly expedited delivery, and cost effective measures.

Our extensive network offers options, to fit a comprehensive range of our clients’ requirement. Bulk cargo, residential moving or corporate relocations, single or team service, our well-coordinated transportation logistics ensures that your shipment deadlines are met on time and target .


  • Optimal freight transporting solutions from anywhere in the UAE and all GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordon
  • Freight transportation of full and less than truckloads, temperature-controlled goods, time critical and fragile and valuable goods
  • Fitted with load securing and satellite tracking and communication equipments
  • Driven by experienced drivers to ensure that your consignment reaches its destination safely
  • Fast turnaround and delivery