Heavy Lift

Heavy-Lift1Industrial and construction projects require heavy components to be lifted and positioned accurately. At ACE Middle East, we have the expertise and are fully equipped to handle simple lifts to complex ones of loads of up to 125 tons. Each operation is executed after full assessment of the risks and the control measures required, reducing downtime and enabling faster completion of the overall project. All our equipments / devices involved in lifting are subjected to strict maintenance regimes that are carried out by trained and competent personnel. This ensures the safety of the people involved in the lifting process as well as that of the adjacent structures. Whatever your heavy lifting requirements are, at ACE Middle East, we provide you with optimal lifting solutions helping you in maximizing project efficiency.


  • Equipment to lift loads of up to 125 tons
  • High standards of safety during all operations
  • Thorough assessment of critical factors before each heavy lift operation
  • Regular maintenance of all equipments / devices for optimal reliability and safety